Kindred Construction: Rebrand

Kindred Construction is a full-service construction firm operating across market sectors. They pride themselves on the quality of their work and their technical leadership.

When they came to us, they had no true positioning. They were perceived as just a custom home builder. They wanted to be more competitive against both larger and more specialized competitors. And their site signage lacked impact — a huge driver of awareness in the category.

Strategically, the rebrand was focused on the insight that their difference came from the power of their people and the power of teamwork. They have a culture of camaraderie and trust that they share with their clients and partners. This evolved into the brand positioning and tagline ‘Team Built’.

From this starting point, we developed a different way of looking at the construction process. One that puts teamwork at the centre of everything. The K logomark was kept but reimagined in a more modern, distinctive and meaningful way.

The original burgundy was replaced with a brighter, stronger Kindred Red, paired with white and black. Optima Nova was introduced as the primary typeface, rejecting the category norm of bold-blocky typography and bringing a more human feel while still connecting to construction through its carved-stone-lettering inspiration. Additional elements also included an employer brand secondary logomark (Team Kindred) for use on recruitment and employee-focused applications.

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