ICBC: Enhanced Care

ICBC was about to switch from a litigation-based insurance system to a care-based system. What does that mean? All the money that previously got trapped in the legal system would now be used for better care and lower rates. They named the new system Enhanced Care. It was the biggest thing to happen to ICBC since, well, ever.  

But insurance is among the lowest of low-interest categories. And research showed that the improvements didn’t change this basic fact. So, we leaned into the truth and introduced Enhanced Care with the notion that It’s as exciting as insurance gets. The campaign included TV, radio, social and print, with the goal of spreading awareness.

In the end, people related to the authenticity and subtle self-deprecating humour of the campaign. Over 450,000 people visited the microsite since the launch date. The films have been viewed over a million times online. And paid social ads have seen more than 10,000 link clicks since launch.

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