Civilized: Website Design and Build

Founded in 2015, Civilized was the first lifestyle brand to elevate the cannabis discussion beyond “stoner culture”. Their challenge was that their existing CMS platform was cumbersome, slow, and made collaboration between content authors and editors difficult. Additionally, there was limited third-party advertising support, resulting in missed ad revenue opportunities.

We were brought on to create a future-friendly and scalable site that fostered collaboration and could allow for multiple various revenue streams, such as advertising and e-commerce. Plus develop a streamlined approach to content migration.

Site analytics painted a portrait of digitally savvy users, between the ages of 18-35, who were early adopters of new technology and had high expectations for user experience functionality. With these insights in mind, we rebuilt the site from the ground up on a new content management system — Craft CMS — that allowed for more design flexibility and publishing support.

We integrated valuable features such as multi-user content collaboration functionality, support for in-stream video ads, and regionalized age gating — an important consideration for the cannabis industry. We also solved the load time issue by automating server support. This approach allowed the system to automatically activate a new instance of an AWS server based on the number of visitors to the site at any one time.

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